Why do this?

I am interested in learning and sharing more about Feminist Yoga, Mindfulness, and Power in Inner-Peace. I graduated from a women’s colleges, where I had the opportunity to study human biology and concentrate on intersectional feminist theories. I have struggled deeply with understanding how to relay information in a careful manner through my own lens: Brown Transnational UP-ite, Able-Bodied Woman. Through my experience and lived experiences of my dear POC folks, I am aware of the power dynamics that challenge the existence of women of color. Strengthening the foundation for women of color to perform at higher levels is necessary. Yoga Therapy can be a revolutionary form of practicing self-care and love. I believe that Yoga Therapy is a grassroots form of resistance. It is a therapy that provides unity and oneness. It provides community healing. It is not about individualism, but rather about communal work to achieve a wholesome and vitalized well-being. I hope that these writings lead people to reach out and find forms of healing that will better their emotional, mental, spiritual and physical states. Please share any book recommendations or resources to strengthen the knowledge of this new area! Keep shining and living my dear folks.

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