Yoga and Energy

One evening at dinner, I shared with my brother that I really want a career that gives me work-life balance. He quickly retorted, “I see it as work-life harmony.” I stubbornly argued with him. Then I realized, it’s true. It is all about harmony. It’s not about balance, which makes it seem that there needs to be a level off between the two, but more of a beautiful winding of work and LIFE! The more that we tie in the various forces in our lives to flow into our realm of energy, the better it will work. We live in a society that is built off of this concept of COMPARTMENTALIZATION. It’s all about structuring, organizing and finding the perfect box to fit our emotions or store different areas of our lives. But, do we even have the ability to truly compartmentalize? Is it that simple? It seems like our feelings are jumbled into a huge arena in our body. Would it not be so much healthier if we learned to let these feelings flow and understand each part of them to allow the energies to maintain a harmony in our body?

Why do we constantly try to focus our energy on organizing things? Based on conventional knowledge, of course this is what we need. However, I will not submit to the status quo. I wish to challenge this notion because I deeply believe that in letting our feelings flow through all our body, we learn how to harmonize these feelings. With that sense of harmony, we share the emotions from those feelings.

Yoga is a form of physical movement that allows that flow. Based on the ancient Indian system, yoga has significant positive effects on various physiological systems. It improves both the musculoskeletal and cardiopulmonary functions. It also reduces metabolic rate in healthy subjects. Yoga improves physical performance, body flexibility and mental well-being. Therefore, it supports the flow in positive energy throughout our body. For this reason, we should learn to manage this energy by practicing the yoga forms every day. Through practice, we will share harmony.

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