Reclaim your Body through Yoga

Living in a constant fear of being hurt isn’t normal. Living in reactions isn’t healthy. Living in anxiety is painful. Living is not a force, it is a flow. A flow of energies engaging our actions.

Living in the present is beautiful, engaging, re-vitalizing and energizing. Living in modes of healing is motivating. Living in the essence of inner peace is sacred.

Living in bare awareness and existence can be challenging. We live in a world of judgement. We live in a world that lacks validation. Unfortunately, we are all a culprit to this socialization. And sometimes, it hurts me beyond words to be aware that I have done that. Being self-aware is the first step. Partaking in action is the second.

Yoga is a process of engaging life back into our body system. It is a practice to heal the deep hurt that drains our well-being. Our feelings that remain unexplained, yet cause so much pain can be identified through yoga. The feelings of a lost friendship, broken relationship or death of a loved one run so deep that mindful practice to nourish our bodies with resources is necessary. Yoga helps achieve the balance our body needs when there has been an imbalance due to trauma, toxicity or any deep emotional damage.

Trauma-sensitive yoga is a form that is specific to the needs of survivors. It promotes self-compassion and deep understanding. I am in constant healing from the trauma that has depleted and taken away my energies from me. I am trying to relieve my hurt by practicing yoga.

From the book, Overcoming Trauma through Yoga, Yogis discovered there are two primary roots for physical suffering. “One is craving and it’s many effects: greed, grasping, clinging, addiction.” The other form of trauma is aversion: fear, terror, hatred, avoidance. Yogis well aware of trauma have been able to re-establish the imbalance of fear and switch off this control. This systematically establishes feelings of well-being and re-engages the reactions and feelings towards trauma.

Trauma-sensitive yoga can replenish and guide our body towards healing. Let this bring light to your soul. Reclaim the damage that has been placed in your body. Reclaim your body.

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