Uncovering Feminism through Covid-19

Corona Virus has isolated us, demanded a change within our mental mindsets, and tested our ability to maintain positivity.

As humans, we have a strong component that separates us from computers and robots. We have emotions. Critical to the fabric of our humanity, we commit ourselves to this practice of working through our emotions. We ground ourselves in understanding the feelings internally and the emotions we present externally. We assume that we understand ourselves enough to constantly keep going forward, but do we truly? Covid-19 has been a forced time for reflection, home time, check-in with reality, and to recognize that we actually need to slow ourselves to be human. People are getting sick, dying, hurting and feeling depressed. Each news showing presents us with a new challenge. We hear of the doctors, health-care professionals and grocery store people doing their work and carefully keeping distance. As we keep progressing in this pandemic, we progress in the limits of our systems and the hardships we are constantly battling: lack of ventilators, masks, gowns (PPE in general), testing, loan relief, and more. Dr. Ahmed, pulmonologist in New York, stated that “the patients are very sick.” She continued to add that “This is a very severe lung injury. It is affecting people of all age groups [1].”

The SARS-CoV2 is a respiratory virus, meaning that it can enter and invade your respiratory system. Metaphorically, our land has been hit by a lack of genuine care towards people. We seem to have forgotten the values that make us understand and provide for those in need. However, this pandemic has gained some traction towards unity and community. It’s not time for individualism. It’s easy for me to say this and type about it so casually, but it’s even harder to make a change out of it, to DO something about the fact that our healthcare system has turned into a monetary giant — compromising the health and well-being of our people. At this time, we should practice mindfulness, fullness and wholesomeness. What else can we do at this time? We can control our emotions. We can control the perceptions. We can control our own mannerisms to make this better. Therefore, we must take this seriously. We must keep our bodies in alignment with our minds to maintain a fit health set to push forward.

As a personal goal, I have been practicing a 21 days of abundance podcast led by Deepak Chopra. It is all based on meditation and internal work. It works off of the abundance mindset. I have also been baking more in the kitchen to take my mind off of stress factors. Measuring, singing and pouring all the ingredients to see the final product of a deliciously home-made cake, brownie or scone!

Broaden the horizon of the limitations we place in our own societal norms, a feminist approach, to challenge the knowledge issues we have to face in the unprecedented and uncertain times of today.

Here is a brief mechanism of the Corona Virus:

“Of note, just because two different types of viruses are both considered respiratory viruses, doesn’t mean that they are the same in other ways. The many viruses that cause the common cold including four other types of coronaviruses (OC43, HKU1, NL63, and 229E) behave very differently from the SARS-CoV2. Similarly, the SARS-CoV2 is not the same as the flu virus. Repeat, they are not the same. If you were to ask whether the flu and COVID-19 were equivalent, the answer would be no times no. As Yoda would say, the same they are not SARS-CoV2 and the influenza virus. SARS-CoV2 gets into your respiratory tract when you breathe in respiratory droplets that have the virus or smear the virus on your face with your grubby fingers or some other contaminated object. The infection tends to begin inside your nose, you know that place in which you may periodically put your finger. The virus looks a little like either a morning star, one of those spiked medieval weapons, or a spiky massage ball.

SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus

These blood vessels bring blood from the rest of your body that is low in oxygen and high in carbon dioxide, a waste product of metabolism. The alveoli serve as swap markets or little eBays where oxygen from the air that you breathed in is exchanged with the carbon dioxide in your blood. The carbon dioxide goes into the alveoli, where it may be exhaled up through your respiratory tract and out through your nose and mouth. The blood that is newly infused with more oxygen subsequently travels to the rest of your body to provide all of your cells with the oxygen that they need to do stuff like live and help you take selfies of yourself.

You can see how your lungs are so important and should be among your top five favorite organs. When your alveoli don’t work properly, your body can become starved of oxygen and unable to get rid of carbon dioxide. Things can quickly go downhill after that happens.

If the viruses and the resulting battle make it down to your lungs and alveoli, it can become a pneumonia. Pneumonia is when your alveoli become inflamed and get filled up with fluid, pus, and other types of gunk. Gunk is a technical term for cells and other stuff. This can happen in one or both of your lungs, assuming that you have no more than two. Developing a pneumonia is when the infection gets really serious.”

[1] https://www.foxnews.com/media/dr-ahmed-on-working-in-ny-hospital-amid-covid-19-pandemic-its-extremely-tough

[2] https://www.forbes.com/sites/brucelee/2020/03/21/how-does-the-covid-19-coronavirus-kill-what-happens-when-you-get-infected/#f441abd61466

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