Shape who you are and want to be.

I was sitting on the couch in my Dad’s room and it was a day before a big interview. I was nervous, worried and excited! I was on the brink of switching career paths to truly build up towards where I envision myself. This was around three months ago. The economy was (is) in a bad place. COVID was (is) on the rise. Civil unrest was (is) hopefully revolutionizing the focus onto BLACK LIVES. There were and are so many emotions. But all in all, it was a thinning time, where things were tough in the entire world. I really wanted to push myself to find something new and my parents supported me to chase my dreams. My efforts to align with my authentic self is a long journey. There were a lot of failures that led to this point, but those were what shaped and helped me build up to my authentic journey. The reason that I’m sharing this isn’t to talk about success, but to identify what it means to shape yourself.

Back to before the interview. I told my dad I was nervous because this was so new to me. He said in response, “Knowledge you can acquire, but that who you are, will always be.” I felt a wave of relief wash over me. It felt freeing to understand that I could literally shape, mold and control the formation of what I want to do and be in this world. There were no prescriptions, definitions or keywords that needed to force me to be some kind of way. I chose to do what I really wanted. Knowledge, skills and values are all learnable. But, they are only valuable when you take the time to understand your passion. I was constantly restraining myself to fit into a certain paradigm or structure, but it felt controlling and not honest to who I am. So, I took the time to look within. Even through the most trying times, I found peace through the detox. My colorful inner world was something I wanted to play out externally. I am who I am. I can shape, do and strive for who I want to be. This world is diverse. There are so many options. There are so many facets to serve the world in YOUR OWN best way. Nobody can light the fire for you, but you yourself. SO, I shaped myself! I figured that even though I don’t really know much about a certain field, I am a strong listener and learner. I can pick up on workings really quickly when I enjoy what I’m doing. I can confidently say it was one of the most reassuring moments in my life when I believed that I CAN DO what I want.

There is just so much to explore and learn in this world. We have to find ways to maintain a mindset that nurtures liberal learning, sharing and understanding. Knowledge can be through experiences, events and classes. We are always learning. It’s certainly humbling to recognize that we are such little string beans in a huge bowl of soup. We can shape ourselves. Knowledge can deepen our understanding to manage our inner connections. There is power in who you are. There is power in your individuality. Don’t let anything restrict, restrain or regulate the real truth of who you are. Continue to shape your own voice, journey and path.

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