Shape who you are and want to be.

I was sitting on the couch in my Dad’s room and it was a day before a big interview. I was nervous, worried and excited! I was on the brink of switching career paths to truly build up towards where I envision myself. This was around three months ago. The economy was (is) in aContinue reading “Shape who you are and want to be.”

Building Habits for Peace

pandemic: COVID-19. terrifying leadership – president? death of George Floyd. He was arrested because he was trying to buy a pack of cigarettes with a counterfeit $20 bill. He was 46 years old. He died Monday in the city he moved to for a better life. Several people caught him through their iPhone cameras duringContinue reading “Building Habits for Peace”

Boundaries, Relationships and Culture

*Trigger Warning: Content may include strong material. Learning how to make new boundaries can be tough. Boundaries matter deeply in every segment of our society. An overarching idea of boundaries is present in our daily lives. These boundaries have an impact locally, nationally and globally. We are all effected by them and direly influenced byContinue reading “Boundaries, Relationships and Culture”

Uncovering Feminism through Covid-19

Corona Virus has isolated us, demanded a change within our mental mindsets, and tested our ability to maintain positivity. As humans, we have a strong component that separates us from computers and robots. We have emotions. Critical to the fabric of our humanity, we commit ourselves to this practice of working through our emotions. WeContinue reading “Uncovering Feminism through Covid-19”