Re-position Narratives: Healing

Police cop: “That’s what you get when you have beauty and brains.” Attorney: “What he wrote was repulsive, he is a creep.” Neighbor: “Don’t talk about it too much, you don’t know what other people will say.” Indian Uncle: “You’re too nice.” Through all the commentary, I would react at times. At other times, IContinue reading “Re-position Narratives: Healing”

Yoga: Healing Domestic Violence

As human beings, we are vulnerable. We make mistakes. We are born with open hearts and minds. We allow some people to see that. And as inhumane as it can be, others may take advantage of that. Then, those actions, formative moments, or reminders get lodged into our memories as trauma. Domestic violence is commonContinue reading “Yoga: Healing Domestic Violence”