Idealism? or Change?

Why is the first response, “You’re too idealistic” followed by more undermining remarks? Why is it that when I get angry for being “questioned” for my capabilities that I’m told to be over-dramatic? Why was I asked what my “background” was when I was giving an oral exam in dental school? Does it matter whatContinue reading “Idealism? or Change?”

Yoga Feminist Yoga

We live in a society where whiteness is centered. The practice of yoga is centered on whiteness. Any bodies that don’t fit within this realm are marginalized. What is the intersection between the two? As a feminist praxis, yoga can be a tool to fight for social justice that is not reproducing colonial or anti-blackContinue reading “Yoga Feminist Yoga”


Why do this? I am interested in learning and sharing more about Feminist Yoga, Mindfulness, and Power in Inner-Peace. I graduated from a women’s colleges, where I had the opportunity to study human biology and concentrate on intersectional feminist theories. I have struggled deeply with understanding how to relay information in a careful manner throughContinue reading “\/\/”