Boundaries, Relationships and Culture

*Trigger Warning: Content may include strong material. Learning how to make new boundaries can be tough. Boundaries matter deeply in every segment of our society. An overarching idea of boundaries is present in our daily lives. These boundaries have an impact locally, nationally and globally. We are all effected by them and direly influenced byContinue reading “Boundaries, Relationships and Culture”

Listening to your Inner Voice

You know that feeling you get when something really isn’t okay but you just hold your voice down? You know when you’re so deeply aware of something not being okay that you just feel it in your body? Learn that your body means it. Build the trust with your senses to believe it. We’ve beenContinue reading “Listening to your Inner Voice”


Why do this? I am interested in learning and sharing more about Feminist Yoga, Mindfulness, and Power in Inner-Peace. I graduated from a women’s colleges, where I had the opportunity to study human biology and concentrate on intersectional feminist theories. I have struggled deeply with understanding how to relay information in a careful manner throughContinue reading “\/\/”