Yoga: Healing Domestic Violence

As human beings, we are vulnerable. We make mistakes. We are born with open hearts and minds. We allow some people to see that. And as inhumane as it can be, others may take advantage of that. Then, those actions, formative moments, or reminders get lodged into our memories as trauma. Domestic violence is commonContinue reading “Yoga: Healing Domestic Violence”

Yoga and Energy

One evening at dinner, I shared with my brother that I really want a career that gives me work-life balance. He quickly retorted, “I see it as work-life harmony.” I stubbornly argued with him. Then I realized, it’s true. It is all about harmony. It’s not about balance, which makes it seem that there needsContinue reading “Yoga and Energy”

Yoga Therapy

“Our anxiety does not come from thinking about the future, but from wanting to control it.” — Khalil Gibran. Introduction: Healing and self-care is necessary for our journey through life. Each movement and action we take to reach our path is meaningful when done with intention. Therapeutic practices help when we understand the flow ofContinue reading “Yoga Therapy”